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Host: Megan Herrera

BBB Insights
Whether you seek helpful advice to make you a smarter consumer, charitable donor, business owner or nonprofit leader, BBB Insights has what you need to hear. The show is designed by the Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder, a distinguished local nonprofit known as an expert resource for a broad range of marketplace issues, trends and information.
Tune in each week for:

  • Interviews with local leaders in various industries
  • Scam alerts
  • Educational tips on:
    • Buying
    • Selling
    • Hiring
    • Donating
    • Business and nonprofit success
  • Event invitations and information
  • Ethics guidelines
  • Information on local marketplace trends
  • And more!

About Megan
Megan Herrera hosts BBB Insights each Thursday from 4-5pm. She helps lead the BBB of Denver/Boulder’s public relations and marketing efforts and has been with the BBB for nearly 10 years. During her career at the BBB, Megan has developed an expertise on all things consumer and business. She enjoys helping the community be the savviest and most successful it can be. While Megan has been a guest on several radio shows in the past, BBB Insights is the first show she has hosted.
She is a Denver area native and loves her local pro sports teams, especially the Nuggets and Broncos.